Nina Xiang comment on Didi app suspension on BBC, China’s regulatory tightening on China tech

Nina Xiang commented on Didi’s app being suspended by China’s Cyberspace Administration on July 4. She talked about the timing of it being right after Didi’s low key IPO on the NYSE, how is it different from other recent regulatory actions against other Chinese tech firms, and what does it mean for China tech going forward.

Nina Xiang attends MSCI’s “Capturing China’s growth through thematic investing” Webinar

Nina Xiang participated MSCI’s “Capturing China’s growth through thematic investing” webinar in April 2021.

The Chinese government has laid out its 14th Five-Year Plan focused on key mega-trends driving domestic growth. Through a thematic approach, investors can capture opportunities created by macroeconomic, technological and demographic trends that are both structural and transformative in nature.

MSCI’s China Thematic Indexes capture these trends through four key megatrend categories: Technological Innovation, the Environment and Resources, Health and Healthcare, and Society and Lifestyle.

Nina Xiang shared her insights on disruptive tech in China, and how it represents significant growth potential for investors.

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Nina Xiang Serves As Expert On MSCI Thematic Insights Report

Nina Xiang served as expert on MSCI’s Thematic Insights Report: China and the race for global tech leadership – Opportunities and risks in the innovation economy.

The report serves to offer investors insights into the full China tech growth story as MSCI launched a set of China Tech Indexes to help investors invest in the booming China tech sector.

Nina Xiang Speaks At MSCI China Tech Index Event

As China is rapidly emerging as a leader in technology and innovation, it may bring significant opportunities to both domestic and international investors. MSCI has launched a suite of China Tech Indexes including the flagship MSCI China Tech 100 Index, which offers investors access to the full China Tech growth story.

Nina Xiang spoke at an online event held by MSCI on the topic of Seizing the opportunity: Capture the growth potential of China’s new economy.