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February 2, 2024: U.S. should learn from its failure to take down Huawei, Nikkei Asia

December 18, 2023: China’s AI sector has no time for end-of-the-world worries, Nikkei Asia

December 13, 2023: Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei Pushes Forward With Ambitious Plan To Dethrone Android, Forbes

November 17, 2023: Metaverse No More? ByteDance And Tencent Scale Back VR Ambitions, Forbes

November 10, 2023: Chinese AI is not the threat the U.S. thinks it is, Nikkei Asia

November 6, 2023: Chinese Smartphone Makers Aim To Beat Apple And Samsung In Generative AI, Forbes

July 6, 2022: Metaverse — the latest chapter of the Splinternet? East Asia Forum

January 5, 2022: China Mobile shares rise in Shanghai debut after US exit, BBC

December 8, 2021: Chinese social media giant Weibo’s shares fall in Hong Kong debut BBC

December 3, 2021: MSCI Now Tracks Hong Kong Shares of JD.Com and NetEase. That’s a Shift in Liquidity From U.S. for Chinese Stocks, Barron’s

November 15, 2021: 水滴公司创始人兼CEO沈鹏:未来保险行业将“新四化”, Sina

October 14, 2021: LinkedIn’s Exit From China Cuts Another East-West Bridge, Wired

September 7, 2021: New Book, US-China Tech War: What Chinese Tech History Reveals About Future Tech Rivalry, by Nina Xiang, Releases Today, PRNewswire

January 21, 2021: China Tech: Revolution or Evolution? MSCI Perspectives Podcast

January 13, 2021: U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission Economics and Trade Bulletin,

November 28, 2020: Nina Xiang on AI and Entertainment, CGTN

September 11, 2020: Nina Xiang Discusses AI & Robots In COVID-19 Pandemic, CGTN

August 26, 2020: Nina Xiang on why Chinese tech has become a target for the Trump administration, CGTN

August 25, 2020: Microsoft’s ‘tight’ ties to China under scrutiny ahead of potential TikTok purchase, Fox News

August 6, 2020: Microsoft’s Roots in China Have Positioned It to Buy TikTok, Wired

March 29, 2020: Nina Xiang on Huawei’s Developer Conference, CGTN

January 10, 2020: Export Controls Threaten the Future of AI Outposts in China, Wired

December 12, 2019: China’s AI Unicorns Can Spot Faces. Now They Need New Tricks, Wired

Oct 15, 2019: YCW HK: Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence, Young China Watchers

September 2019: 19 Best New Robotics eBooks To Read In 2019, BookAuthority

September 11, 2019: The Rise of Chinese AI, End of the Chain

August 30, 2019: Nina Xiang on the latest AI trends, CGTN

August 9, 2019: 中金投X创始人向冀:打造客观独立的平台,为全球投资者提供有决策价值的数据, 新华日报财经

July 25, 2019: 新書速遞:《紅色AI:中國人工智能崛起之勝利與警示》, SBS Radio

 July 24, 2019: China’s self-driving car prowess is greatly exaggerated; Nikkei Asian Review

July 16, 2019: 10 expert predictions for the next decade in Chinese AI, Davos Agenda

July 7, 2019: Nina Xiang, Author of Red AI, Explains Her Definitive Book on China’s Artificial Intelligence Sector, China Money Network

July 8, 2019: China tech’s ‘new normal’: Are the go-go years over for mainland startups? SupChina

July 4, 2019: A long march to high-tech self-reliance would hold back China; Nikkei Asian Review

July 2, 2019: Chinese AI industry investment declines, but experts reject AI winter fears, Verdict

June 29, 2019: 《红色AI:中国人工智能崛起之胜利与警示》著者专访, 中金在线

June 28, 2019: 《红色AI:中国人工智能崛起之胜利与警示》著者专访,

June 28, 2019: 《红色AI:中国人工智能崛起之胜利与警示》著者专访,

June 28, 2019: 《红色AI:中国人工智能崛起之胜利与警示》著者专访, OFweek人工智能网

June 27, 2019: An Interview With Nina Xiang, Author Of Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence, Yahoo Finance

June 27, 2019: An Interview With Nina Xiang, Author Of Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence, BusinessInsider

April 1, 2019: Our future with artificial intelligence and its rise in China, City of Sydney News

March 27, 2019: Why 2019 will see the world “rationalise” its expectations for artificial intelligence, StartupDaily

January 12, 2018: Chinese newsrooms push forward into AI technology, International Journalists’ Network

January 10, 2018: China’s news agency is reinventing itself with AI, NiemanLab