Nina Xiang Attends TechXLR8 Asia 2020 To Discuss Adopting AI In Cloud Computing

Nina Xiang moderated a virtual panel during TechXLR8 Asia 2020 on a session: How Do We Ensure Privacy, Security and Ethics When Adopting AI in Cloud Computing?

A lot of the data that organizations are trying to model is core to their business and includes sensitive personal, financial, health and other crucial information. How do we protect data when running AI in cloud? What does modern cloud security infrastructure need to consider?

Nina Xiang is joined by three panelists:

Masato Hoshino: Head of Asia and Representative Director & President of Japan, Colt Technology Services
Mark Findlay: Director, Centre for AI & Data Governance, Singapore Management University
Maria Montes: Data Protection Officer and Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Policy, UnionBank

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