Nina Xiang Attends TechXLR8 Asia 2020 To Discuss Adopting AI In Cloud Computing

Nina Xiang moderated a virtual panel during TechXLR8 Asia 2020 on a session: How Do We Ensure Privacy, Security and Ethics When Adopting AI in Cloud Computing? A lot of the data that organizations are trying to model is core to their business and includes sensitive personal, financial, health and other crucial information. How do […]

Nina Xiang Discusses 5G And Averting the Technology Cold War

Nina Xiang discussed 5G and how to avert the technology cold war at an online event produced by the US-China Series in conjunction with the U.S. China Business Council and the Washington State China Relations Council. This forum, “Your Chinese Supply Chain: Complexities and Challenges”, focused on the real-world implications of any transition and the […]